Daily Schedule



Big Bears- Sample of Daily Schedule-


6:45-9:00– Free Choice


9:00-9:30– Circle Time and Walk


9:30-10:00– Snack  and Manipulatives/Sensory Choice


10:00-10:30- Reading Area Choice and Outside


10:30-11:00– Art  and  Free Choice


11:00-11:40– Outside


11:40-12:20– Lunch


12:20-12:35– Bathroom and Nap Prep


12:35-2:30– Naptime


2:45-3:00– Wake up


3:00-3:20– Snack and Free Choice


3:20-3:40– Snack  Outside


3:40-4:00– Outside


4:00-5:00–  Free Choice






            Monday- Writing Center



Week 1 and Week 3

            Tuesday- Science


            Wednesday- Social/Emotional Focus

            Thursday-Music and Movement

            Friday- Building Large Motor


Monday- Reading



Week 2 and Week 4

           Tuesday- Sensory

           Wednesday- Building Small Motor

           Thursday- Math

           Friday- Art



Week 1 and Week 3




4:20-4:25         Clean up

4:25-4:45         Small Group Activity Planned –



            Monday- Music and Movement

            Tuesday- Building Large Motor

            Wednesday- Writing Center

            Thursday- Science

            Friday- Social/ Emotional Focus


Monday- Math



Week 2 and Week 4

            Tuesday- Art

            Wednesday- Reading

            Thursday- Sensory

            Friday- Building Small Motor



4:45-4:50         Clean up time center is closing


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